How to Control Pigeons Under Your Carport

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To control pigeons under the carport, block off any areas or ledges where they can sit, run a fine mesh or chicken wire over the rafters of the carport ceiling and sprinkle or mist strong-smelling spices around the area. Prevent pigeons from nesting... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to control pigeons under your carport. Now pigeons are everywhere and their population is just exploding. There's really no natural predators for them. And so they have no fear of humans and no fear of animals and so they will just take over areas and leave complete messes. And so the easiest way to control them is to not give them anywhere to nest and not give them anywhere to sit under your carport. Many people believe by putting an owl or a hawk decoy under your carport or right on the ledge or anywhere in there, they see the owl and the owl is a natural predator of the pigeons and that the pigeons won't come back. But I have found when they sit around and realize that that owl is just a decoy and doesn't move, they will realize that it's not going to stop them and they will come back. But it does help. But the only way that you can truly stop them is to make it so that it's impossible for them to nest or to sit on any ledges. So if you have any ledges in your carport, just by putting a couple of nails up and a string across it, they can't sit on that ledge, that string will stop them from sitting there. So that's an easy way to do it, but you'd have to do it on every piece of wood so that they have nowhere to sit. Another way is to buy a thin netting or even chicken wire, any type of thin net and then just tacking that or nailing that up to the ceiling of the carport. And that way they won't go through the netting and set nests or sit up there. But that's a lot of work too, but it's worth the effort. And I found that also by using any type of spice like hot red chili pepper or cayenne pepper, and even mixing it with water and washing any of the wood areas where they're sitting or any of - anywhere where they're hanging out, or near their nest, they don't like the smell at all. So eventually they'll leave, just because they hate the smell of cayenne pepper or red hot chili pepper. And it actually burns their feet if they do try to sit on it. And in the olden days they would just put spikes everywhere so you can just nail spikes everywhere where they're sitting and they will stop. And that's why in a lot of the old buildings you'll find that they'll have gables or they'll have spikes all the way along the top, and that way the pigeons don't sit on top, especially in the greenhouses and the glass greenhouses you always see the spikes on the very top. And that helps as well. But in the end there's really no way to stop them from trying and a lot of times by having a cat around and having ledges or making it possible for your cat to get up higher around your carport, they will chase away the pigeons. But saying that, another trick that I have used for a lot of critters, is just to take a hose with a high pressure nozzle on it and whenever they're coming to the carport, you don't have to hit them directly, just spray it towards them. And that way they'll leave and it'll really piss them off and they might not come and hang out in your carport. But you got to keep doing that over and over and over again, but by using a combination of choices whether you have the owl decoy, use a string across, paint the wood with red hot chili pepper or by just spraying them with the hose here and there to make them leave, eventually you will win and you will get your carport back.