How to Remove Old Wood Finish

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How to Remove Old Wood Finish - Provided by eHow
Old wood finish must be removed before applying the new finish during a restoration project. Find out how to remove old wood finish in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Well one of the reasons we would strip a piece of furniture would be, and why would be important, would be if that finish is disintegrating then, as a rule, you would have to. Most of your glues would be drying out so you'd want to take that finish off, get those glues all restored and repair what has to be repaired and then put your new finishes, back on, after you've got your new glues back in there. In this particular case, this piece was in a fire and it was a sentimental piece, to the people, and they wanted to have that piece stripped but it had been burned pretty much up and this is the top from it so we've had to go back and take this finish off, which she's doing right now, with steel wool and environmental safe stripper, that we use on it.