Buying Home Furniture: Couches

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Couches come in a variety of configurations and sizes. Learn how to choose a couch when buying furniture for the home in this free video. View Video Transcript

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So let's talk about couches. As you see the couch that we're on right now, this is actually a pillow top couch. This pillow top couch actually gives you more comfort and a softer feel to the couch. Every couch is designed a little differently. I'll stand up and show you right here. What we can do is on the couch, you can see right here, and in the back. Some people that are tall like a tall back. That's one of the key important things on the couch, is your back. Seeing how high you want it so you can have that comfort on your back. Also the seat, some people like them hard, some people like them very soft. This pillow top will make it a very soft feel. There's new materials also that are coming out on the couches that are in the micro fibers. The micro fibers are set up where if you spill, you can actually clean it off and wipe it off. If you'll notice this on the micro fiber, it is a very soft suede looking feel and actually if you do this way it feels like it has a two tone color. This is a very important part of the couch right here. So couches can also be purchased in sets. We can sell you, we can sell the sofa only. The love seat. The love seat would carry only for approximately two people. They can be bought as sets or you can buy individual pieces. The sofa is also, is designed for three people. Cover for three people. One of the thing about couches, which I didn't tell you guys about last was about the seating area. A lot of people if you look here, will like to have a lot of comfort on the seating area. When you're looking for the couch, make sure you've got enough seating area so you feel comfortable. So when you come on up, you feel great.