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Furniture restoration requires tools specific to the task. Find out what tools are necessary for antique furniture restoration in this free video. View Video Transcript

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We're going to talk about some of the tools we use here in the shop here at Masters Touch. This is a wood lay, this is one of our duck calls that's hand turned on this old lay. These are some of the tools that we use. This is a different type of skew and parting tool and gauges, things that we use for whenever we're wood turning on our lays here. This is a vice, we use a lot. This actually was more of a carving bench right here, where we did most of our carving and this is some of our grinders, where we sharpen our knives and have to keep your stuff sharp. This is our overhead router, that's very old, it was a hand made overhead router, where we do a lot of different things from pattern making to all kinds of routed edges that we do different bits will go in here, some of them, we grind. We've got this made where this whole piece, swings up, so if we need to cut some big plywood, this whole table top will come up here and it also has a place on it, where we can mount a router, from underneath and we can run some different types of small moldings, where we have this set up here for where we have a router, mounted up underneath. We've had this equipment for thirty years, we haven't really had to change much. This is our large band saw and it's twenty-eight inches and sixteen inches deep, it could cut. This is our big stroke sander, which is kind of like patting your head and rubbing your stomach. You're sanding a piece, like that, and you keep this piece, which is a graphite cloth, in the middle here, and then you can sand your pieces, as this is going around. This turns around like this and then this holds it in place and you can sand your pieces, as it's going. This is our cutoff saw or, where we like to do our, we say is our most important piece in the shop. This is where we'd cut off the bad parts of wood like where these cracks are here, we'd be cutting this off to make sure that all the cracks are out of the wood, before we go through all the trouble of going through all those other machines, in the shop, only to find that we had a crack in the wood. This is what that's used for. That's the jist of it. That's another type of cut off saw but this is where we cut all our lumber off and the rough, before we take it up here and plain it.