Tightening the Latch: Wood Fence Repair & Maintenance Tips for Home Improvement

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Learn how to tighten gate hardware when repairing your fence in this free home improvement repair and maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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Now that we have all of our wood repairs done the next step that we want to do before we paint is to make sure that all of the hardware is tighten. This right here would be hard where the handle of the clip would be hardware the handle, the clip here would be hardware, make sure that is nice and tight and your receiving end of your clip here you need to make sure that that is tight. It is going to very from job from job what tools you are going to need because the age of this set up. We need a screwdriver for this front here because these are flat screws and then we need a pair of channel locks to hold on to the nut on the back. Just like that you just get yourself a good lock on that nut and then on the other side get your screwdriver in there and if there is paint old paint in these screws you could just use your screwdriver and scratch it out and you just hold your screwdriver. Hold you channel locks in place and give it a good twist. Just like that. Tight. So I just repeat that with your other screws over here. Double check all your hardware make sure that it is all tight. That way you wouldn't have any problems with it in the future and again a lot of times you get when people paint over these screws there is paint that get stuck right here so you can just take your screwdriver and kind of line it up there and give it a good hit and your paint would pop out which allow you to get your screwdriver in further in there so you could tighten those things up. Once again you got to remember to always keep a good grip on the bolts side and give it some good twist with your screwdriver. One or two ought to do it depending how tight you want it and how tight you think you need it and then you just ensure that the gate shut correctly and open easily.