Under the Deck Repairs

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Deck repairs made to the supporting structure of a wood deck are crucial to maintaining a safe deck. Find out how to repair deck supports in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Ok, this is one of the main variations in the whole deck. This six by six is out at least an inch from plumb and you can stick your fingers right in behind the joist and everything. So to even this back up I plan to sink an eye bolt into this old plate up here on the house and put a come along acrossed and then wrench this back to pull this back in. And then you're going to have to redo your a your joist hangers and so you need to re-tighten up all your joist hangers because it's come completely apart so much my fingers will go back behind there. And hopefully we can just pull this all over and re-tighten up your joist. We'll be back in business to put our railing back up nice and straight. Ok everything on the house is in really quite descent shape for twenty years. Over on the house side it does get the protection from the sun and the rain and the elements. The joist hangers are all nice and tight in here so this is to be kept and you might just want to put some screws in just to tighten these up. Ok this is another a bad thing about the deck. The existing deck on the back was here already and then they put a side deck on. Where they put it together and they had the joists come together was just nailed and now the joists are coming apart. They're leaning out, the hangers are starting to point down a little bit and your whole deck just has a lean to it where it's coming from one onto the other. What I'm going to do is get my floor jack, put a four by across here and raise it up about a half of an inch or so. Resecure the hangers in here and then drill holes through the joist about every a sixteen inches and put nuts and bolts, not lags but nuts and bolts to go through these three joists here just to put it back together and pull it back where it belongs. Ok, even though the deck itself is probably eighteen to twenty years old and it needs some of the decking replaced the joists are generally all in really good shape. It's just coming apart some, it's easily bolted together, come along together, put back together and then stained out again so it makes more sense to put in enough money to bring it all back up to par. That'll last you another four or five years as compared to tearing it all down and putting twenty thousand dollars into it.