How to Power Wash a Patio

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Hi this is Peggy Charlton for Expert Village I also had this I found under the sale in a town on the way to a school event we stopped and I grabbed this it was real cheap and I painted red. And all this red matches and ties it all together perhaps your budgets getting really low and you don't really can't afford to buy $30 gallon of paint. There's a great technique you can use this right here all the way down here has been powerwashed and it looks like it's almost been painted, and if you'll see the difference between this right here and this down here there's a tremendous difference. And it was all because it was powerwashed if you have a powerwash or have a friend that has a powerwash wand mechanism that's a great way to actually brighten up your place, especially if you live in the coastal area and you have a lot of problems with mold and things like that, that's a great technique powerwashing.