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Add antique look to furniture with whitewash stain. Learn how to stain and age furniture in this free woodworking lesson from an experienced furniture maker. View Video Transcript

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Ok, in this next clip I'm going to show you how to beat some antique-ness, into your furniture. I just want to recap, before we even get started. Yesterday we stained everything with two coats and it looks great, in fact, it took this inexpensive pine hutch and actually made it look rich and full of color, which gives it some, "I'll tell you, it gives it a couple more dollars, if you know what I mean," and for a very cheap cost, to do so. In this next clip though, I want to talk about making it look antique. This is a fun way to get out some aggression, "if you know what I mean." I have this chain, it's a simple chain, it's got some little, the way the ties are it tends to, when it goes in, it'll put little holes and little nicks. All I'm going to do is actually start to beat up my furniture and I don't want to beat it up to where your like pieces are coming off. You just want to give it little nicks, you see the little holes? What happens, when you go over it with the white wash, those will tend to get in there and make it look like it's warn and antique. Like I said, you don't really want to beat the heck out of it, that you're taking chunks of wood out, just want to slap. Again, you could do this with keys, a set of keys or even just putting some screws in a sock but this is an old trick that my uncle taught me, many years ago, when you were trying to make things look antique. You always want to do, by the areas where the door handles are, you want to really get them worked on. I'll show you later what I mean, as I get the doors on. That's it. You have to beat the heck out of it, so have some fun with your kids, give everybody a chain, tell them to take out their aggressions on your, almost, antique furniture. Don't forget all the pieces you took off. Your doors, especially around where the handle is going to be, here's your handle, make sure you get in there and you give it a good beating and don't forget your shelves too, on the inside, because we are doing the inside. Just have some fun give it some nicks.