Using Demolition Tools for Deck Repair

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Demolition is necessary for rebuilding a deck. Find out which tools are best for demolition in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Ok these are the tools that I'm going to be using today to take up some of the two by six decking and to replace it. Ok, you'll need your cordless drill of course, I have a Phillips bit in it because there are Phillips screws in the deck and also there are nails. For the nails I use a hammer and a cat paw that gets down into the wood to pull it up. A flat bar to pry the wood up once I get it, my circular saws, where I cut the wood down through it and a Sallzall to take it off the rest the way. Ok because we're doing a repair on this deck and not a total demolition we're not going to use the six foot black bar. It's only used for demolition work we're you can just destroy everything so you don't want to hurt the other boards around the decking so I'll use the small flat bar and maybe smaller a crow bars for it but no that six foot black wrecking bar. So it's just the flat bar that I'm going to use so that it has a area here and you might even want to use a block of wood when you pry up against the other parts that you don't damage the rest of the decking here.