Laundry Tips: Facilities

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When doing laundry, empty garbages and organize the facilities to keep the room clean and efficient. Learn more about laundry facilities with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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Hey, what's up, it's James. Alright, welcome back. So, I want to take you through a basic tour of my laundry facility that I have here. And honestly, this rocks, we lucked out with this house, this is pretty sweet little thing right here. So, it's sweet, my sister threw this thing up for us, which is super nice. Just a little thing, like if you had- If I had washed something I didn't want dry all the way, you know when you take it out, you can put it right up here. And then, I guess at this point it just turned into my hoodie collection, which is kind of cool, but. I've got- And then we've got a nice little trash can back in here, with a pop up lid, which is awesome. Because, I don't know for some reason, there's always trash in the laundry room. Well, you're pulling out dryer sheets, you're pulling stuff out of your pockets, so it fills up over time. And then the washer, the dryer, and all the hooks and stuff back here, which are all pretty complicated and cool. And then what I love about this laundry room is, it also has got tons of cabinet space, so we've got just random stuff in here, I mean we have our basic, like our Tide, and our Bounce and stuff like that, but we've got a bunch of cleaning supplies, I've got a bunch of paints up there, and all of this random stuff. So, I don't know, it's the basic tour of the laundry room. We'll go more into the separate parts and one not.