Folding Laundry: Dresses

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It's important to make sure the zipper is all the way up when folding your dresses after doing laundry. Learn some useful tips for folding dresses from a house cleaner in this free housekeeping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi there I'm Melody Mooney, and today I'm giving you some tips on how to fold your clothes. And we're going to be working on folding a dress. I have my flat surface, and I have my dress. I always try to hang my dresses up, but if you're going somewhere, if you just want to maybe get these into storage, I'll teach you the way to fold them. This dress happens to have a zipper, so what I want to make sure is the zipper is all the way up. Just like that. And in this dress you can see, I'm going to turn it this way just so you can see, there's a natural line down the center. I'm going to use that natural line in my folding. So what I'm going to do first, is I'm going to fold over just like that, so there's no wrinkles, no creases except on the natural line of the dress. I'm going to make sure that my straps are also fold over, just like that. Now, moving it again, I'm going to take the bottom and I'm going to fold it up to the waist, right there to the waist band. Next, I'm going to take the top straps and fold this down to my bottom, just making sure that everything is flat. Now I only have one more fold, I'm going to fold this side over. You have your sleeves, your straps, everything is tucked in. Now you could go ahead and store it or if you want to maybe put it in some paper. Any where where it's kind of safe. You don't want to put it anywhere that sunlight is going to reach it and fade the colors. And there you have the proper way to fold a dress.