Where to Find Free Texas Themed Items

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Find out where to find Texas themed items for free in this video on southwestern home decor. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Peggy Charlton for Expert Village if you have property or your family your grandfather whatever and it's pasture land go out there and just look around and you can find things in the pasture. This one was found in the pasture and of course it would be worth quit a bit know, I found this in the pasture on my father's farm and it just so happens that my mother-in-law had this at her house so I put the 2 together, and this thing is old and the bottom is just about out. But it's a cool decorative piece for this area right here, when we did our Texas theme I decided to make the door red and so I got a new door and then I painted red and it matches the other door and screen over here that's red. And then the shed is old and I put a red door on it also, so it kind of ties everything together and paint isn't expensive so it was a cheap way to pile it all together for the patio.