How to Wash Ties

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Ties can collects stains so knowing how to wash men's ties can save you money and pride. Learn how to wash ties from a professional cleaner in this free laundry washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ginger Walker owner of Clean Junkies and I'm going to show you how to wash ties now. With ties, you know they, everybody says the best way to wash them is at a dry cleaners. Take them to a dry cleaner, drop them off, and you're set. There are now home dry cleaning kits that you can get where you just put it into a bag, put in the little, I don't even know, it's like a fabric sheet that you put in there with it and you throw it in the dryer and that's kind of like a home dry cleaning. Another thing that is used oftentimes is hand washing your tie. So you're going to use a cooler water, lukewarm water and a very mild detergent. And you really don't need much at all. Just going to put it into the water. Make sure it's mixed up in there good. Now take your tie and one thing you'll want to do is try not to wrinkle it or crunch it up too much, because those wrinkles will dry in there and then you're going to have to do some special ironing on there. Make sure you get the tail of the tie as well. Okay, when you're done washing the tie, usually what I do is lift it up over the water and just run my hands down the length of the tie, to get as much of that water out as we can. And try not to wrinkle it too much, because then you don't have to iron it as much. So get out the water. And then to dry your tie, you're just going to air dry it. You're not going to put it in the dryer. Best thing to do is get a towel, it doesn't have to be a very big towel, it could even be a hand towel. Lay it flat put your tie on there and you'll want to alternate the two on here so that they both will dry. Lay it flat there, roll your towel, pat it down. And then usually I unroll it like this, and flatten it again with my hand with a couple of runs down it with your hands so that it flattens it good. And then you're just going to let it lay there and dry. Okay, and once you're done drying that and its air dried completely then you'll take your tie and you're going to give it a light iron. You're going to need to use a very light setting and you're going to put a towel over the top of the tie and just give that a good press that way. Make sure you're using a towel over the top or you're going to singe your fabric.