Buying Home Furniture: Upgrading

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A couch should be replaced every three to four years. Learn how to upgrade furniture for the home in this free video. View Video Transcript

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How often you should replace your furniture. I believe on couches, on sofas, you should replace your furniture every three to four years. The reason why, is because of foam. The foam on the inside of the couches starts wearing down again, because you're sitting down all the time, so I believe that every three to four years you should go ahead and change your couch, and it will have that nice fresh feel so that you can have that comfort back in your seat, basically in your seat. Okay, that also should go for your mattress. About every five years you should change your mattress. That's another unit also that should be changed a lot. People are letting it go a little to far. Change it because, again a good nights sleep is a good night. You'll have a great day the next day, that's also one of the others things, But again. The most important thing is, upgrade your furniture number one, is when it's not good to have, you don't have a good feeling. Number two when you want to change your life around, when you want to change the style, when you want to have a new look. Change your furniture also, it's very important. People's attitudes and people's lives change when they upgrade their furniture or change their furniture. The color, the design, the look. So those are very important things right there, but again, whenever you feel that it's appropriate for you go ahead and do that.