Why Restore Wood Furniture?

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Restoring antique wood furniture is necessary when the finish and glue begin to disintegrate. Watch this free video to get a better idea of why restoring antique furniture is important. View Video Transcript

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A lot of times people are kind of hesitant about doing anything with their furniture and they just leave it in their house, and leave it in their house, and leave it in their house, and leave it in their house. Until, eventually, no telling how long it could be in there. Could be 20, 30 years, could be 100 years. And the finish will start alligatoring, or crazing where it's kind of got these little fine cracks in there. Well, it's starting to disintegrate. And then, when those finishes disintegrate, then the glues start drying out and pretty soon you've got a piece that gets wobbly and the next thing you know you've got joints that get broken or drawers that start dragging because the drawers have been wearing out the drawer guides for all these years until it just, they start catching on the front then they start popping veneers out. And, all kinds of little things like that, that if you catch it while it's in the process of wearing out like that, then you can save yourself some money down the road. But if you let it go too long, those finishes need to be replaced, usually. And, if it's a really old piece, you want to be a little more hesitant about the finishes. Just do the repairs, keep it to a minimum, keep it strong and structural, then the finishes aren't as difficult to do. You don't have to remove everything, you can just work with French polishing a piece. And, that's done, that's a whole separate type of system. But, if it's not something you're really concerned about resale or I want to do this or that down the road, it's a piece you want to keep in your family, the best thing to do is really take care of it and keep that finish where it's strong and that will protect your piece. It will protect your glues after you've got your pieces re-glued and everything and it will last for another generation or so, so somebody else can take care of it.