How to Use a Drum Sander

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The drum sander is a great tool for deck repair. Find out how to use a drum sander to sand deck boards in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Ok, again, this is a ten inch drum sander. It's a one ten model which is great, a lot of them are a two twenty which is kind of hard to use at a home residence so this one ten like twenty amp and ten horse power, grrr grrr yeah. Ok you go down here and this is where your belt is, ok this is how your belt goes on and off your eight inch drum sander. You have a metal bar on this old thing and you have flat screws, you loosen up both your screws, get your bar loose in there and you just roll your belt on. You have to push it up and make sure it's tight, that's the biggest thing. You don't want play in this belt, you suck it up in there and what you can tighten down your screws and that'll suck your belt on tighter and you want to make sure that thing is tight. Ok it's still the eight inch drum sander, it's very heavy, it weighs over two hundred pounds and with a thirty six grit on here you can tell it's already taken off some. This is what you want to get down into the wood and take off the finish and just down to the nice wood again because there will be cups and there will be bows and things you need to flatten it all out. Ok so this has the cups in it as you can tell it's a taken off a good amount on one side. It didn't get down in here very well so you have to make several passes to level it out. You want to get off this hump here and go over to the beginning of your next board and get down in there. And when you come up to the end of your run you want to kill the switch and get it off. You don't want to be holding it up and then just dig into your deck. You need to turn it off just as you're coming to the end.