How to Give Your Patio a Texas Flare

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Learn how to use small items to give a patio a Texas theme in this free video on southwestern decor. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Peggy Charlton for Expert Village I also found a couple of more things and since it was a Texas theme and I found this I went crazy over this and this was like $6 and you can use it for various things, you can put a pot in a plant, you can put napkins, I used it for a barbecue and I put my napkins and silverware in here. And coming along with a Texas theme I also found this old clock and it didn't run at a resale shop for a few dollars put it on my patio and this sign of course is new but these things are all you know cheap little trinkets, that really dress up the Texas theme. I also we decorated the pergola on the outside because we had to do some piece work and so we decided that we would go down at a Texas place and we got all this and it was in brown kind of iron and we thought we'd spray it and we sprayed red and it looks really good I think up there. And I found this half price this star, this star half price and I put it in the middle and it really set off all the stars in the Texas theme.