Sanding Old Paint: Fence Repair & Maintenance Tips for Home Improvement

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Learn how to sand chipped paint on a wood fence to prepare it for a new coat of paint in this free home improvement repair and maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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Hi Tim Eaton we are back with Expert Village and we just finished our scraping step on the paint repair on this fence here and now we are moving on to sanding. Now ideally if you have a big job where there are a lot of paint repair that need to be done you want to use a electric sander. Get it at any home improvement store for less then $50. You are going to want to use maybe 80-12 grit sand paper something not to fine but also not to cores. Once you do that you just put the sand paper on like the diagram would show and go at it. Now since we are doing a smaller job we are going to use this sanding sponge here. Also very cheap you could get it at any home improvement store. It got different sizes of it. It has different course in this. So you just want to pick one with a medium courses and just kind of hold it. One hand all five finger around there and you just kind of want to rub it all around what you just scrap to kind of dull the edge of the good paint that is still on there cause that edge is going to be kind of sharp and it won't look right when you repaint this. So you just want to get in there sand in all direction make sure that you hit all those edges. So the point is to basically make it nice and smooth. So you do that get them nice and smooth. Feel it with your hand without your glove and you could tell it is really nice and smooth. You could tell that its really nice and smooth no chance for any chips or splinter and you would be good for that step and then you would move on to the next step which is the paint repair.