Using Deck Repair Tools

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Using Deck Repair Tools - Provided by eHow
Mastering deck repair tools is key to efficiently rebuilding or repairing your deck. Find out what tools are best for deck repair in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Okay, this is all the tools for putting down boards and refinishing boards. I like to use square headed, color coded deck screws. They don't pop out like your regular Phillips heads, they have a color to them so you can get cedar or redwood; they fit on there nice, they don't cam out like they say; so that's what I fix them with. This is a punch and a hammer that I just use to set any nails that are sticking up. These are my little gapping tools that I made so they don't fall down between the gaps like your pencil will; just a couple of those work decent for people and, you need your flat bar and your hammer to get down to make your boards adjusted so that your gap is right when you put your spacers in. Now when you come down to finishing, this is a big edging sander here; and, it's a special tool that'll get right up to the edge. It has a thirty six grit or one hundred twenty grit, what you want to put on to finish, and you just take that and just run it down your edge, it works really well. I've used my little orbital DeWalt sander before with sixty grits on it, it just takes a little more to get the paint up; if it's a stain then there's no problem with this, you just take the stain off, but your heavier stains will require something like this; and, again you can use a heavy grit and then go to a lighter grit to get a good finish. This is the eight inch drum sander; its, one heavy sucker it's made for hardwood floors to take them down when they're rough and they go in; but, I use it on old decks like this and it will just rip up the stain and bags it up for you pretty much. I start out with a thirty six grit on here, and, then I'm going to one hundred grit to get a nice, smooth finish on the deck. So these are the planking tools and screws and your finish sanders and, hopefully it'll make good work of it and you'll have a new deck.