Adding Nicks & Scratches to Age Furniture

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Rough up your furniture a bit to make it look old. Learn techniques for giving your furniture an aged appearance in this free woodworking lesson from an experienced furniture maker. View Video Transcript

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In this next clip, I'm going to show you how to reapply a second coat and really give it that worn antique look. Alright, we've got our first coat of paint on. It looks kind of okay, it's starting to get a rustic look. I love the way we have the little markings and stuff in here. You might want to just like take a scraper and, on the point, just make little nicks, little lines, come up, go across, and just give the thing like it has some character and some oldness about it. But, once you get that done, you might also want to, at this time, take your chain again and start beating it up again. We're trying to get it to look old, so get everyone out, have some fun, get out that aggression and start beating it up. You'll see all these beautiful little marks give it a lot of character. It looks like the holes that it's putting in the wood gives it that aged look. These lines that I'm putting it through make the wood look very old and cracked and like it's splitting almost. And you just have some fun. Everybody gets to whack it too and it's, get their aggressions out. But then you're going to want to put in your second coat. Now, your second coat, you're actually going to want to paint it on nice and smooth, so I'm just going to come up here and show you how I would do this. I would start from the middle. I'm just going to give it a nice coat and just go right over it, almost like we're painting. You're going to see, as this dries, and we sand it and do some more little tricks, it's going to look like it's a chipped peel. So, go ahead, start beating up your wood again and give it a nice second coat of the whitewash, just like so, and use the paint like if you were painting with a brush. And just go with the grain of the wood and give it a good coat of paint.