How to Use Washing Machine Controls

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Learn how to use the washing machine controls for laundry from an expert homemaker, with tips for quick fixes, in this free video on washing clothes. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue with Expert Village. Now we have gone ahead and put our laundry in here. If you want to let it soak if you have some real dirty laundry, I'm going to go through and explain the cycles for you so you know what each one does and how you use each one. So it basically runs on its own when you let it run but it is going to start with the rinse cycle where it just rinses off all the clothes. The water fills all the way up as high as you set it which we have set it to medium. What is going to happen is it is going to sit for a little bit in the water. Now if you have really dirty clothes, I actually pulled the knob up and stopped the cycle and just let it sit on rinse. Just let it sit and let it sit. Especially if you have some wet clothes and you put some bleach in there to. If you have white clothes that are dirty, some socks some underwear, some wife beaters, some tank tops, you let them sit in there with the bleach for a good 5 minutes. Not too much bleach though, just a half a cap full. For a full load of laundry and they would get them nice and shiny white. That is my little secret right now. But any dirty close you let it sit on rinse and you let it sit there for 5-10 minutes. Before you go ahead and pull the knob and let the next cycle go which would be the water would drain, then it would spin around, that is getting it all cleaned. Then there would be another rinse cycle usually to drain the last bits of soap off. Then another spin and spin and spin. Then usually your cycle is done.