Test Stain When Staining Furniture

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Make sure your stain looks right on a piece of scrap wood. Learn how to get the furniture stain you want in this free woodworking lesson from an experienced furniture maker. View Video Transcript

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O.k, in this next clip I'm going to show you how to do a test with the stain before you actually do the staining on anything that anyone's going to see. Alright, you might want to get yourself a piece of pine wood. Now, realize when you get different pine wood, it might not be an exact match. This is a little bit darker, so realize when doing something you want to have a pretty accurate piece. Now, what I did, because it's on the inside and I know I can blend it later and no one's going to see, this is my preference. Well, I did some different testing here and I've done everything with actually doing a little whitewashing, to trying to see right here where I've really done some antiquing. You can see right here on this line, this is antiquing. But, for the purpose of staining, I came down here and I did three coats of the dark stain, which got very dark, a little bit too dark than I'm really looking for. This was two coats and I like the two coats and by testing that's fine. Now, later on when I come over with the whitewash over this three coats, it will look a little different, but it's on the inside where I don't care. No one's going to see it, the doors will be closed. Alright, so for the first purpose of this video, we're going to be going with two coats. Also, if you notice, I took my chain and I gave it a couple of whacks, to give it that beat up look and you see these little nicks that I'm getting in here, that's what's going to give it that antique look and when I go over with the whitewash later, those are actually going to get highlighted when I, when I actually show the antiquing process of this staining and whitewashing, here on this video. So, come back and join me, we're going to actually start staining now.