How to Prepare a Deck for Sanding

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Hammering down nail heads or screw heads is necessary before using a drum sander on your deck. Find out how to flush nails and screws before sanding your deck in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Okay, we're still on the same tung and groove pine decking here that we're going to be using the eight inch drum sander on. One important thing is you can't have the nails or the screws protruding up from the tops of the board or they will dis-tread the drum sanders' belt on there, so you have to take a punch and a hammer go along wherever they're sticking up; if they're recessed don't worry about it; but, if they're sticking up, you just whack them down if you can and get them out of the way. That's one thing you don't want to do, is spend all your time changing the belt on the drum sander because it's not the easiest thing. Also, with the pine wood which is not like redwood, it will twist, it will bow, it will cup, this is protected by the roof here; so it's not in bad shape but still it does those things. So like I said you have to make sure that you have your nails and screws all down; and, you can get a cup in your board, you can get a raise in your board, you can get a twist; and, your drum sander with a thirty six grit, it doesn't even make saw dust, it makes saw chunks. So, you just take your time and go over it real nice and slow and you have to get out all those cups and everything to get all the stain off of the boards so you can refinish it.