Identify Fence Repair Needs: Home Improvement Repair & Maintenance Tips

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Learn how to identify maintenance needs in a wood fence in this free home improvement repair and maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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So first thing to remember when you are repairing any fence is to look for your problem areas such as cracked paint. Like down here what need to be scraped, sanded and repainted. You also want to look for any sort of loose nut of bolts. Like these hinges here that are loose and then you want to check the back for any rotten wood that you might find. Some rotten stuff down here that needs to replaced. So we would take this board of and replace it with a new board and you just want to double check to make sure that all your nails and screws have stayed tight. Beyond that you just going to want to make sure that all your pieces and parts are in good working order. Like this needs to be tighten up here and the goal for the whole thing would be so that the gate will shout cleanly, look clean, and that we could fix this dip here in the gate to make it stand back straight when it was built.