Using Recycled Redwood for Deck Repair

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Eventually deck wood needs to be replaced. Find out how to use recycled redwood for wood deck repairs in this free video. View Video Transcript

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n this end of the deck there was a wall that the homeowner erected that kept one area of the deck separated from the other. The 12 feet that go out here was the same pine as we saw earlier which went very bad. I am using my recycled redwood that I've gotten off old decks that is still in really decent shape. I've taken, if you can tell some of these boards here I've ran through a plainer boulder that I have at home. A few of these boards I have put on the entry way are redwood that are recycled and I have ran them through a plainer boulder that I have at home and it just brings the old wood back to so much life in the redwood. What you see over are the old ones that I haven't planed but since we are going to be running an 8' drum sander I just tacked these down in place. We're going to run the sander over it. We're going to finish it up and it's all going to look like this refinished, recycled redwood right up here.