Restoring Furniture with Curved Glass

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Getting curved glass to fit furniture you are restoring can be very difficult. Get tips on matching curved glass to your furniture in this free video. View Video Transcript

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One of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with when I was first in business was the first time we had a china cabinet like this with curve glass and the glass got broken and I didn't know what to do and so anyway, I went to talk to a glass company and we had to special order that curve glass which you have to actually make a pattern so that you'll show that exact shape of the front of where that glass fix in and give the right length and that will give the exact width from there over into here so that this glass can be made to fix into that particular form and you have a right and you have a left. Renovators supply that's one can help get that glass also as long as you have a pattern, you can order it and get that glass made for you and even like this serpentine front. This is a serpentine front glass so the glass is running like that and that's another difficult one but it's just a matter of actually making the paper patterns and sending them off to get them but the first time I ever ran into this, I had no idea what to do.