Major Deck Repair Assessment

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Major Deck Repair Assessment - Provided by eHow
Major wood deck damage must be assessed before replacing the entire deck. Learn how to assess major deck damage for repairs and replacement needs in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Okay, we're doing a deck assessment evaluation. This deck is probably twenty-years old, a lot of the boards are really quite well up against the house but as you get out farther way from the house you get more weather, more sun and it just destroys the boards. We have some twelve footers here that we're going to take out the nails, thank God it just has nails, we can pop out the nails and replace some of the twelve footers here that are really bad. When you come up to the joints a lot of time the joints for the boards are spongy and bad on the ends of them. So what I do is I'll take them and chop out from one section to another joint and just replace that where the joint of the boards meet and in the end where they get spongy and rot out. The person here does not like these big ugly knots and we were going to chop them off here, but on second thought we can chop the six by six off here and we?re going to run the railing straight across the tops of these and were going to replace all the railing because all the railing is just all shot. Once we get these chopped off we can run our tops two by six rail all the way along make it all nice and straight, nice and even. Okay, this is the other side of the deck and again we have spongy rotted two by six redwoods here and a lot of times you can just cut out a four foot section and replace where it's bad and of course screw that down. They've replaced a couple boards in here which just look really terrible, those have to come up and we're just going to replace anything that is bad in the deck so that we bring it back up to what it should be. Now over here we have a big six by six that has come out away from the house. It?s come out a three quarters of an inch to an inch everything is out of plum here and we are going to take and cut these posts off to run the railing along here. So what we are going to do is to run an i-bolt over here into the house and the sole plate come along and just pull this post here over level so that our railing has a straight shot and looks well here. This deck is twenty years old, it has had a solid stain on it many times, we're not going to change the color we're going to stay with this black, we're going to replace the boards that need to be replaced when we do that we'll have new wood. I'm going to take and run my pressure washer and clean it up all real good and get off all the dirt and lose debris and than I'm going to take and spray and pat on two coats of a solid stain. I do that because with any bare wood you can't just put on one coat and expect it to hold up. You need to put on at least two coats on any bare wood.