Assembling Coat Rack Plates

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Before assembling coat rack plates, arrange plates to make sure they are centered. Watch how to assemble coat rack plates with tips from an industrial design teacher in this free woodwork video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jon and in this clip we will be attaching our top plate to our bottom plate. Before we attach our two pieces together, we first want to arrange it so that it centered and we have that nice margarine that's equal all the way around our project. Next, I'm juts going to put a few light pencil marks so that I know where the corner of my top piece goes. At this point we want to flip our top plate over and apply a pretty good amount of glue to the bottom of it. We want to do this along the entire bottom. After that glue has been applied, we're going to flip it back over and line it up with our marks. Next, we're going to screw through one of those holes that we previously drilled, and one on the other side as well. Now these two screws at either end are going to maintain downward pressure and now what we're going to do is flip it over. Once we've flipped it over, we're going to add just a few more screws and this just going to help hold everything together. Now these screws will be removed later so it's okay if they're sticking out just a little bit.