How to Tighten Wood Deck Screws

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How to Tighten Wood Deck Screws - Provided by eHow
Minor deck repairs include occasionally tightening deck screws. Learn how to tighten wood deck screws to secure wood deck boards - free video. View Video Transcript

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When we come to the joints in the boards, which should be staggered along your decking so there?s none of the right in a row. They should be staggered back and forth. You want to check and see if there's any of them loose. If they are loose, you just make sure you angle it back, don't put if right on the edge of the board. Back about 1' to 1 1/4' and angle it in to your joist. You just take your feet and go along until you come across a loss one and sometimes you might want to pilot drill them if they want split out. You want to sink them down so they're no trouble of anything. I do this on decks all the time because it just a safety thing so there's not loose boards and they're popping up. Sometimes they even get worse than that and you have to replace to joist underneath the joints because the moisture actually gets trapped through the end the joint into the joist and you can get some dry rot.