Antiques for a Texas Themed Patio

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Learn how to use old world charm and antiques to decorate your Patio in a Texas style in this free video on southwestern home decor. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Peggy Charlton for Expert Village also on my patio we have rebuilt this painted and we had a window that was here and it was a screen and it was all torn up we didn't want to put a window in there. So we got this is barn with my grandfathers 100 something year old barn and we just put it across there and then got the Texas star and put up there and this was a real budget thing that looks really really good. Especially as people are driven by and I got the 2 chairs on sale towards the winter you can get them half price and they match the Texas theme, and I think that a cut little area here. I have this you know probably 100 something year old wagon that use to be on the railroad and used to have milk bottles in it, my grandfather had told me dad. And this is a really cool decoration and of course it didn't cost a penny and we founded it out a pasture on my family farm and it had been there for no telling how long and it con with us at every place we've live. Cause I think it's such a cool piece and you know this is another thing in the original wood is on there and this is another thing that doesn't cost a thing.