Using Environmentally Friendly Furniture Products

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Some furniture products are not good for your health or for the environment. Find out what types of furniture finishing products are environmentally friendly in this free video. View Video Transcript

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We're using products that don't harm the environment and don't harm people. So that's always something that I wanted to do. And, it hasn't been until recently that we've tried different finishes over the years and we've tried different things and if a small business like this can do it then I'm sure that other large businesses can do it to. We began looking and finding products that are, first I looked at finishes. And so, I found finishes that had no VOC's, that were all natural, that were non-toxic, that didn't harm people. Now the difference is that finishes that you traditionally get would be lacquer base or polyurethane base and they tend to off-gas a lot of toxins. So, my goal was to create a product here that I knew would go into someone's home and not off-gas all day long and all night long. Most people love the smell, they think of "Oh, new car smell." But, actually it's off-gassing that new smell is either formaldehydes or other types of volatile compounds that are off-gassing in your home. So, that was the first step we did, was look for finishes that stains that were water based, that were non-solvent based. Stains that we wouldn't have to worry about getting on our hands and getting sick from it. Myself, or people that work with us. Traditionally, it's a lot easier to use other lacquers and things like that. They dry a lot faster. So, when you're in business you're trying to find ways to improve speed but not compromising quality. So, were finding products that we can still use. They're still somewhat fast, the time may not be an hour it may be two hours before you can re-coat something or sand it, or something like that. The other thing is, a lot of people they don't understand where a wood come from. Is it sustainable, is it something that they're going into a forest and clear cutting it and then selling it and are they replanting it? So, if you pick a company that's providing sustainable wood, sustainable lumber, then you know that they're replanting for one thing. Also, they're not cutting down old, usually they're not cutting down old forest growth. Old forest growth which is important because those are usually habitats to hundreds, if not thousands of species within that tree. All the way from the roots all the way to the top of the tree. That's why we choose lumber that's coming in from sustainable areas where companies that are using sustainable type forestry practices. So, there's a lot of issues there that I saw with let's try to find a product that is not off-gassing, that is actually producing something that, you know, that's non-toxic. You're not have to worry about it hurting someone, hurting your customers for that matter. So, we found plywood that are, that are very well done like this. This is what we're looking for, so we found things that don't off-gas, have zero VOC's and that's what we're making our products out of now.