Screwing Down Deck Boards

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Screwing Down Deck Boards - Provided by eHow
Screwing deck boards down is necessary for proper deck repair. Find out how to tighten boards down on your deck. View Video Transcript

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Okay, we fastened down the one end of the boards, because I don't have anybody helping me here to go down each end. So, we have a flat bar and you can move the boards around really easy with a flat bar. So, you go down to the other end of the board and pop some screws in it, just sink them in a little bit. See, it makes it pretty quick and your pencil doesn't fall through there. Just snug it up, pull them out and then you can go on. But, in the middle is where you really need your pry bar. So, you set up, okay, that one's decent. You find your joist, and then when you come to a tight spot in the middle, because it's always easier to work each end of your board and get it gapped right and then use your pry bar and then move your middle back and forth to where you need it. And, you just take a screw and stick it in there, and then you have your gap down and it's tacked in place. Once you have everything tacked in place, then you can come back and screw everything off.