Folding Laundry: Organizing Drawers

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Using drawers and a few simple folding techniques can be a great way to store your clothes and underwear. Learn a few tips for organizing your drawers from a house cleaner in this free housekeeping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi there, I'm Melody Mooney, and today I'm giving you some tips on how to fold your clothes and organize your drawers. So let's move on to the dreaded underwear drawer. I know it can be totally hard, but I've come up with a system that I think will help you. What I've done is I've taken two boxes, one's a little bit smaller than the other. Now maybe you have smaller drawers so you could use that, or larger ones, they're basically shoe boxes so I'm recycling. One drawer is going to be for socks, one drawer is going to be for underwear and bras. It's really simple. What you're going to do is take your socks that have been rolled up, put them in your drawer just like that on the one box, simple. Now for guy's underwear I just fold them, put them in the box, again stacking them real simple. Same for women's underwear, fold them, stack them in the box, you have room towards the back for your bras. What this does to help keep you organized is you can see when maybe things are going and they need to be thrown out, you can put them towards the front, or if you're looking really quickly for a certain color of sock, this way you'll know exactly where it is. You can have your own system working if you want to, but I really recommend getting a couple boxes and trying it out. This is a great way to organize your underwear drawer!