How to Cut Deck Posts

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Okay, we took off the old top rail here which came off pretty simply. We're going to chop off these nasty looking knobs up on the top. So I want to cut a fairly straight line. So I'm going to use my Speed Square. And I'll use my Speed Square to get a straight line across here. Because if you don't put your line across, and you're cutting on the horizontal, it can be a little difficult. Okay, so again we're going to put our lines across here so that we can try to get a really nice straight cut. Because the new top rail is going to go right across here. Now this side will be pretty simple but the other side will not be that simple. So here's one side. Okay, so I've used the skill saw and got through here. And made my half way cut through here. I really don't feel comfortable about exposing my blade and trying to cut this out here. Because I don't want to be kept back in and you know, take off another finger. I have a longer blade in my Sawza that will get all the way through. And we already have half way through. Ta..da.