Planting Spring Gardens: Transplanting Garlic

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Treat garden soil with hummus to have healthy garlic plants in the spring. Transplant garlic into a garden with the tips in this free video on gardening and farming from a professional organic gardener. View Video Transcript

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So I've got these beautiful garlics that have been propagated through whole clumps over the winter. And now I can show you how to put them in the ground so that they will grow quickly towards maturity. Now you can see this bed has been well treated, it's full of hummus and rich organic matter, I don't need to do much to it. So I want the garlic as deep into the ground as I can get it, and that will ensure that it grows robust. And normally I would do a grid of three, but since we're pushing the envelope here anyway, I'm going to try a grid of four. Because what I found, is that garlic, given the right moisture, and weed protection, and fertility, can grow in a very crowded condition. So what I'll do, is I'll put in a couple of rows, like so. And then I'll gather some mulch, and mulch them in like that, leaving room. Later I'll stripe in a bit of side dressing compost, and voila! It's as easy as installing a carpet, maybe easier.