How to Wash a Cashmere Sweater

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Washing a cashmere sweater involves filling up the kitchen sink with soapy water, gently working out the dirt from the garment, rinsing out the soap under the sink and rolling it between two towels to remove excess water. Let a cashmere sweater air dry... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Erica. I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah. And I'm going to show you how to wash a Cashmere sweater. I don't have a Cashmere sweater with me right now. So I'm just going to use a regular sweater. But I'm just going to walk you through the process of how to wash a Cashmere sweater. I've already filled up the water here. We've plugged up the sink. Be sure that it's warm water, not too hot. That's like, you can actually put your hands in it. And it doesn't burn you. The next thing you do is, pour in the detergent. And kind of stir it around and get it all soapy and well dispersed. Throughout the water. Kind of, just swish it around. O.k., now you're going to take your sweater. And just set it in lightly. Make sure that it gets all the way wet. Just kind of push in, on it. So it's completely covered. And just kind of, squeeze it. Just a little bit. Just to get any of the dirt out. And after you've done that. And you think your sweater is pretty clean and you've got all of the dirt out. Go ahead and drain the water. Then you'll need to turn on the water again. Make sure that it's not too hot. Test if before you put your sweater in it. And then just start rinsing it off. And you need to rinse it, until the water comes out clear. And not soapy. After you've rinsed your sweater out, until it comes out clear. You'll need to lay it on a clean, dry towel. And then you just kind of, roll the sweater up. Kind of, press down a little bit. To grab all the extra water that is in your sweater. And then you're going to unroll it. And then put it back to it's regular form. And then just let it air dry. And make sure it's not in the sun. So it doesn't fade the colors of your, of your sweater.