Laundry Tips: Folding Pants & Socks

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When doing laundry, lay the pants nice and flat before folding them along the seems. Fold pants and socks correctly with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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What's up? It's James. OK, so we're going to move on to folding jeans. Which are pretty cool to fold. So the first step I do is just kind of like flatten them out. And then when I get them in the air like this, I'll fold them over onto each other. And then just make sure that the seams, line them up with the seams, then go to lay it nice and flat. Then kind of grab like the back end and tuck it out. Then kind of flatten it out. Then I'll fold in half. And then flatten that again. And then fold again. And your jeans are done. I want to mention too, for jeans and for pants, sometimes if you don't, I know, sometimes they can come super wrinkled out of the dryer. So if you kind of take the time when you get them out of the washing machine and you just kind of like shake them out and get them flat and then put them in the dryer. They'll come out like, they'll come out less wrinkled and you won't have to deal with so much wrinkle on them. Also, though it's a lot of my jeans I'll dry partially and then pull out and put up to hang up. And I'll put them on a hanger and I'll flush them out on a hanger. And that way they hang like super nice, super, super flat with no wrinkles. Alright, socks. So as I'm going through my laundry, I'll sit there and pull socks out and then like match them up. And then the way I do socks is lay them on top of each other. And I start at the toe, roll up and then grab the top, the top one and then flip it back over and then your socks are rolled up. Look at that. And then underwear, got my nice Haynes briefs right here, for the world to see. They're easy, just fold one over, fold the other over. Stack them up and put them in.