Watering Tips for Japanese Boxwoods

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If you have just planted Japanese boxwoods, learn tips for watering your plants in this free gardening video clip. View Video Transcript

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Okay, we've planted our Japanese Boxwood, we've spread the mulch directly after we planted the Boxwood. We want to give this Boxwood a nice deep watering. We're helping the plant to settle into it's new home. We want to water our Boxwood's very deeply. We want to be sure that this water is going all the way through the roots, all the way to the most bottom roots, into the hole. But, we also can water all around the Boxwood, also. Now, you may be asking yourself, "how frequently should I, shall I be watering this Japanese Boxwood? How often do you water Japanese Boxwood?" This will all depend on your local weather conditions. During the winter time, if it rains heavily in your area or perhaps it even snows, you're not going to need to water your Boxwood's very much at all. And as we move into the summer months, you're going to have to water your Boxwood, possibly every day. It may help if you move aside a little of the mulch. Just check underneath the mulch and see if the soil is moist or dry. That will you help you decide if you should water or not. Very important here is that we don't want to just lightly sprinkle the surface of the mulch with your hose. You want to really put some time into it and really water deeply. It's better to water deeply and regularly than just sprinkle a little on the surface of the mulch because you might not be watering the roots at all. The water might not be penetrating through the mulch, and so basically, these are the main considerations to think about when watering Japanese Boxwood.