Buying Home Furniture: End Tables & Coffee Tables

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Make sure the size of your end tables and coffee tables match the size of your couch Learn how to pick out end tables and coffee tables when buying furniture for the home in this free video. View Video Transcript

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So any great addition to any sofa that you buy, is a coffee table. If you look at the coffee table, it's designed to hold, either a plant, you can put a cup if you want to take a drink of a soda, water, or coffee. A coffee table should be in size, equivalent to the couch. About the size of the couch, so you can walk around the coffee table. It's a very useful piece. If you notice also we'll have an end table here. The end table is designed for a reason. The end tables designed so you can put a lamp. So if you're sitting down, you want to read a book, you want to look at TV and you don't have enough light. Well you get this lamp, you put this lamp on top of the end table. This the reason this is a great addition to any sofa set purchase. You can also look around in any furniture store and they also carry different tables. If you look, they carry glass tables. One of the famous tables right now or the most bought tables right now is the glass insert with the Moca finish. Another table that's very nice is the cocktail table with the glass insert, with the bottom unit here. The bottom unit is used for a magazine rack, to put a nice picture on there, and do different things with it. That's another piece. If you keep walking this way you'll notice that we have also, they also, tables with fossils. Again, expressing your design, expressing your style, expressing your feeling. This is why you buy the end tables and the coffee tables.