Why Do We Stain Wood?

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Staining is great way to match pieces of furniture. Learn why staining wood can create a wood project that looks better and lasts longer in this free woodworking and wood project series from an expert carpenter. View Video Transcript

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Hi there, my name's Steve Anthony. In this series we're going to be looking at how to stain wood. We'll take a look at various species of wood and how they individually respond to stain and we'll talk about some clear coat options as well. You might, you might wonder, why do we stain wood? Some people say, well the natural wood is, is the most beautiful thing in the world. And I wouldn't disagree, but, there are very good reasons for staining wood. Sometimes it's, it's necessary to, to give it a certain color that you can't achieve through just a clear coat, the natural wood itself is not the color that you would like it to be. Maybe you'd like to mimic another species of wood. I'll show you for example how you can make Maple look like Cherry which is an inexpensive alternative. But, the biggest reason is to bring out the grain characteristics of the wood. The beauty of the figuring of the wood itself. And we'll show in this series again how different stains bring out the grain patterns in different ways. And we'll go over a bunch of different options for you.