Organic Spinach Seed Raking

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Organic Spinach Seed Raking - Provided by eHow
Organic spinach seeds can be raked in order to help cover them properly within the soil. Learn some tips for raking the dirt from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, now we just finished up planting the seeds, there are a few more in here. Now we're going to cover them up. Now it's important that this, these spinach seeds get covered up with the, with that dirt, at least a half inch to a quarter of an inch. We want to make sure that we don't uncover the seeds or pull them back out. We'll just use this rake a little bit on the edge to cover the seeds up. So, and we also want to make sure we go over it one more time to get any weeds that happen to show up, because they will try to overtake the bed. Then we're going to pack the dirt down a little bit, that way it's nice and tight but not too tight, to secure those seeds in the ground. Alright, that looks like it's in there pretty good.