Laundry Tips: Different Dials

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When doing laundry, learn the different dials to properly configure the wash settings. Learn more about dials with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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So this super complicated dial, knob, over hear. So, the way to break this one down, so you've got normal, you've got permanent press, you've got short, and you've got prewash, and then you've got all this other regular what not. Basically, the only one I've ever used in my life is the normal one over here. Because it's normal and I'm normal I guess. You've got, and what's cook about the normal is it breaks it down super simple. Because normal one is like, alright so we take this knob, and I turn it over to, I find my normal, I've got am heavy? Am I regular? Or am, it's just like fourteen, ten, or six. So heavy, regular, and whatnot. And, what's great about normal is you just go, "Well, I don't really care, so I'm going to go normal, regular." And then you pop it on, and it's going to go through it's whole cycle and will take like, probably a half hour, whatever. And then it goes through, like it fills up with the water, and then it rinses it, and then it spins and gets all the water out, and then it gets to the off. Then from there, like permanent press, short, and pre-wash, I honestly don't use that much. So, if you want to know about those you're going to have to call the whirlpool association.