Wipe Down Wood When Staining Furniture

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Keep dust out of work area when sanding furniture. Learn advice for refinishing furniture in this free woodworking lesson from an experienced furniture maker. View Video Transcript

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Okay in this next clip I'm going to show you the last step, in preparation, before we go into the actual staining. Okay, we're back. This is a good time, when you're finished sanding, you might want to actually give your room a quick sweep and do some cleaning, would be fine. A lot of times the dust will get all over, if you keep the door closed and the window open, it will subside and it'll eventually hit the ground, so might want to do a quick cleaning at this time. Also, if you notice, as you sanded your wood, you're going to feel it's a little rougher now then it was when you first purchased it, to the touch. That's because we opened up the wood, we opened up the lines of the wood and that's going to help penetrate, have the stain penetrate, into the wood, which is a good thing. Before we go any further, it's very important that you see, if you get up close, you'll see that there's a lot of dust, from sanding, and my Uncle used to always say "you have to get this out," and he used to always use a damp rag. A damp rag he told me, just going down with a damp rag and you're going to see, by doing that, you get the sand or extra saw dust off but you also open up the wood, a little bit more. The lines of the wood will actually get raised, like this. The also helps with the absorption of the stain. Make sure you get every bit of dust up, it's a damp rag. Just wiping down everything and remember to keep going with the grain of the wood, very important to always go with the grain. What we want to do here is eliminate and get all the saw dust off of the wood because we don't want that to be in our stain or you're going to see little pieces of saw dust. So come back after you do that and we'll get to the next step.