Lay Out Coat Rack Top Plate

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Make sure there are no cracks when cutting off the end board before laying out the coat rack top plate. Learn more about laying out a top plate with tips from an industrial design teacher in this free woodwork video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Jon and in this clip we'll be laying out our top plate and performing the rough cuts on it. On our top plate piece, we're going to use our forty-eight inch measurement, plus our one inch gap to figure out our total measurement. Now, our overall length is going to be forty-six inches and our overall height is going to be four inches. That's going to give us a one inch margin, once we lay that top plate on our bottom plate. Now again, if you're cutting off the very end of a board, you're going to want to take a really close look to make sure there aren't any cracks or other imperfections in the wood, before you cut it off. I'm looking to cut a forty-six inch piece, however, if I just come in here and make my mark at forty-six inches and make that cut, I'm going to have a couple problems. My forty-six inch mark is right here, however, I have some damage, on my lumber, and in addition I have my edge missing so I need to, probably, redo my measurement, at somewhere else on the board, to see if I can cut that little bad section out. When I flip my tape measure over and measure it from the other side of the board, I have a good about fifty and a half inches, before I would hit any damaged areas, on the board. That leaves me a good four and a half inches, or so, that I could remove from that other end of the board, if it were cracked or if there was a chunk taken off the end. I'm first going to take off my one end and I'm only taking off about three inches here. Next, I measured forty-six inches and I'm going to cut my second, length of board. If I set that next to my baseboard, I can see that I do have a one inch margin there and that's exactly what I want.