Laundry Tips: Emptying Pockets

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When doing laundry, clear items out of the pockets before washing a fresh load of clothes. Empty pockets before washing clothes with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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Hey, what's up, it's James. Welcome back, alright, our next stop in the laundry process is going to be taking this full hamper and actually separating it and getting it ready to wash. So as you are pulling stuff out like we have got a pair of jeans that is going to go in our darks category and the key with jeans, always, always, always dig through your pockets because if you are like "Oh, hey, cell phone, that would have sucked to have gone through the wash," or like "hey, chap stick, great that would have melted in the dryer and gone all over all of my clothes." So like you know, like "wallet, oh yeah, that would have sucked, too." So it's just like you know, make sure that you definitely look in your pockets. So I'm just going through here and I have got all this dark pile over here, my white pile over here and then I'm seeing too like if anything needs to be dry cleaned and all this stuff is just like my regular stuff that I throw in the wash. Then for this video I'm going to take you through how to do your whites separately and your darks separately in case you ever need to do that. Like at this point in my life I have kind of for conservation of water and because I am lazy I throw all of this stuff together when I do my wash but the purpose of this video is we are going to go though and we are going to show you how. Then for those anal people of you out there for example we have this shirt right here and you are like it's cream colored, is it light or is it dark, I can't tell where does it go? Honestly it doesn't really matter in the end but like I don't know I would throw that in with my lights I guess because I wouldn't want it to change color too much.