Laundry Tips: Dark Clothes

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When doing laundry, wash dark clothes by setting the washer to the warm-cold heat setting. Wash dark clothes with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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What's up? It's James. Alright now that we have the washing machine broken down and our clothes separating, the different piles. We're going to begin with the darks. So, we've already checked the pockets so we know we're not going to like be washing my cell phone. That would suck. But, you know, load the clothes in. I'll be kind of like taking them out and I'm kind of getting them so they will, will lay nicely in here. And then, and move this out, alright. You want to take a step in here. Don't know how much light's in there, but you can kind of see that like, that's looking like honestly when you kind of press it down, like that's kind of a small load, maybe a medium. I mean, I'll go small to save water. So we come up here, we set it small. It's my darks so I'm going to go warm cold. And then we pull out our detergent, the Tide. And naturally, the Tide, this thing is hard to see so I'll just kind of tell you. The Tide if you look inside has lines for small, medium and large, so we're just going to take the Tide and pour it up to the small line. And now I'm not going to actually start this right now, because I'm going to take this out and show you the whites next, but then you would simply just pour this over the top of the clothing and then you close the lid. And the final step is coming back over over here. We've got these, you know, we're going for the normal one. And this is a regular load, so you set it normal regular. And then you pop that out and then it starts going. And that's the basics for starting the darks.