Tips & Tricks for Doing Laundry

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. Now we have all done our laundry and we are feeling really good about it. But I"m going to leave you with a couple of little tips, little tricks, of the trades sort of speak to give you some last minute pointers. One thing let's say you don't have to do your laundry. Laundry takes about a hour a load to go from wash to dry. So what do you do? You can take a spritzers water bottle, spritzes your shirt, your pants, whatever you need down. Throw it in the dry with a dryer sheet and you know spritzes it up and make it smell a little cleaner. Make it look a little fresher to take out some of the wrinkles. Another thing you can do is take a fabric fresher like a febreeze or something. Spritz that on the clothes and that would give you a nice fresh feeling. It is still dirty but at least no one else would know just you would know. But I would not smell bad either. Then the last tip we have talked about socks getting lost, never been able to find your matching pair of socks. You can take a safety pin and just before you put them in the washing machine you safety pin one to the other. They would wash and get a good wash. But then you don't need to find them cause they are all together stuck all together. That is a great idea. So these are all little tricks of the trade here on Expert Village. Don't tell to many people because we want you to have the best laundry out there out of all of your friends. See you next time here on Expert Village.