Throttle Hammer & Punch Press on a Wrought Iron Fence

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Use a throttle hammer, a punch press and drill press on a metal fence. Learn to punch a hole so the bar will go in it in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Terry Leafty

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On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building a wrought iron fence. Okay, this is what we call a throttle hammer. This is what is used to make shapes out of round bar, or we round out copper or flat sheet iron and make shapes like this. We use it after we heat up metal on the forbs. We bring it over here, we pound it out, we either texture flat metal, or flat bar. We can take a piece of round bar and make it look like bamboo, or we can take it and make it look like a branch. This here was pounded out in this throttle hammer with a different dye. Okay, this is another tool we use in the wrought iron fence building business. It makes our life a little bit easier, we use, you can drill the drill press or you can use a punch press, as we're using here. But a punch press, you can use many different dyes, sizes, and shapes. This is the square shapes for the square picketts that are used with solid bar. Once you punch the hole, then your bar will go in like so. You flip it over, you can fill the hole in with weld and it's a lot more solid than a square tubing built fence. But it's also a lot more heavier.