Tools and Supplies Needed to Make a Copper Plant Hanger

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Learn what tools and supplies you will need to make a copper plant hanger, in this free arts and crafts video clip. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Diana for and today we are making a copper plant hanger from copper refrigerator tubing so I would like to show you all the materials that you are going to need to make this particular garden hanger. I have some half inch copper refrigerator tube and you can buy this at your Home Improvement Store. I have some quarter inch refrigerator tube that we are going to use to make the little tendrils that come off the main structure. I have my pipe cutter and this is what we are going to use to cut the copper tubing. I have my little jar of flux and this is what we use when we are soldering metal together; same kind of thing that you would use if you were a plumber and this is the solder that holds the pieces together and this is our little propane torch. We are going to use this to melt the solder onto the copper. This is our little spark maker that lights the flame on the torch. We have some pliers and this is going to help us hold our copper tubing because it gets hot and you don't want to touch it when it's hot. We also have our gloves that we are going to use because we are using hot metal. We have a hammer that is going to be used to pound the edges of the copper tubing so that we can have a nice joint. We have some clear acrylic spray paint because we are going to be doing some colors and we want to set the colors with the clear spray paint. We have some little acrylic paint that we are going to use to paint our ceramic pot and we have a paint brush for that. We also have some glasses for protective eye wear because we are going to be using a flame. I have my little piece of paper and my pen because the first thing we need to do is design what kind of hanger we want to make so let's get started.