How to Sort Clothes

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Sorting clothes for the laundry will prolong the life of colors and fabrics. Learn how to sort clothes from a professional cleaner in this free laundry washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ginger Walker, owner of Clean Junkies. We're here to talk about sorting laundry today, and the things that you'll want to do for that. Generally, the easiest way, is to have some different containers. Labeling them is great. I've got whites, lights, darks, and then also, a basket for towels, so one very important thing as well when you're sorting, is to make sure you're checking your jean pockets, because oftentimes, you'll find all sorts of little goodies in there. Another thing that you'll want to do when you're washing your jeans, is turn them inside out. As your sorting is the best time to do that, then you don't forget. Your whites, and then you've got your towels, you're going to put in a separate container. Your light clothes, more jeans, and again, turn those inside out, so that's sorting laundry, and the other thing that you need to be aware of when you're sorting your laundry, are your delicate clothes. A great way of doing your delicates, would be a mesh bag. You can also use pillowcases, but you'll go ahead and put your delicates into the bag, and zip it up, and then you can put that into the wash. You can put, once you've separated your delicates, if you're planning on washing those still with your lights, because this is a light colored delicate, you can go ahead and throw the whole bag right in there, so that you're ready to do your laundry.